The Clarient Group

It's not about the technology. It's about your business.

Our Mission

The Clarient Group’s mission is to help individuals and organizations leverage technology to support the overall vision for their property and then realize it.

Advancing Your Vision®

TCG is a technology consulting and design firm whose focus is on making your organization more successful through the thoughtful application of technology within your facilities. We develop integrated solutions that support your vision from Day One through the end of your lease.

Our philosophy is that a project is successful if the technology can help your organization meet its strategic or operational goals – whether that is reducing capital or operating costs, increasing revenues or providing a superior end-user experience. The technology is only an enabler in achieving these goals.  We can help you define your project's vision and then develop a technology solution to help you achieve it.

We help property owners, developers, architects, engineers & others who design, build and manage properties …
so that End-Users can live, work, learn or play there on Day 1, Day 2, and well into the future.