The Clarient Group (“TCG”) introduces EXPERTTM, our branded process for developing and implementing smart building solutions focused on the end-user experience.  To learn more about EXPERT (EXperience Prioritized for Enabling Real Estate Technology), please read our brief overview.  

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The Clarient Group (“TCG”) is a visionary Smart Building consulting and design firm. Our passion is designing integrated technology systems and creating customized experiences for your customers, employees, and guests – while decreasing expenses, generating revenues, and enhancing productivity. By combining our strengths in designing systems with a quantifiable approach to identifying in-building experiences, we develop integrated solutions that will work on Day One and enable future enhancements without added cost.

Technology Consulting & Design Services

TCG is a full-service technology systems consulting and design firm. Our subject matter experts work holistically to develop integrated design solutions for your facilities.

Smart Building Services

From ideation through implementation and beyond, TCG shepherds you - using our EXPERT process - in creating a smart building responsive to the needs of the property owner and your end-users.


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Our Philosophy

Developing integrated solutions requires combining a methodological approach and engineering expertise with an understanding of your business goals and challenges.  

We start by engaging your key stakeholders to discover your vision. Then, by using a scientific approach to survey analytics results, we can help you turn that vision into a working plan. 

A project is successful if the technology helps your organization meet your strategic and operational goals. Typical goals include reducing operating costs, increasing revenues, or providing a superior end-user experience! We believe that technology is only an enabler in achieving these goals. We help you define your project’s vision and then develop a technology solution to help you achieve it. We conduct all our projects in accordance with our core values of Integrity, Technical Competency, Respectfulness towards our clients, and Innovative Curiosity to push ourselves beyond traditional design. 

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