2 of the 15 tallest buildings in the US

Over 5 million square feet


TechMer, Inc.




The Clarient  Group supported the Design-Build contractor with design and consulting services for an Auxiliary Radio Communications System (ARCS) on both buildings, plus a Two-Way Radio system in 3 World Trade Center. 

 As part of the life-safety systems development for One WTC, TechMerNAMS, LLC was awarded the Design-Build Contract to implement the First Responders Communications Systems.  The Clarient Group was selected by the TechMer-NAMS to act as the Design-Build team’s single point of contact and liaison to construction manager Tishman and the One WTC project team.  TCG was also tasked with developing all of the design drawings and documentation for submission on the Project. 

 Tech Mer was subsequently awarded a contract to provide design-build services for a First Responders (ARCS) and Two-Way Radio System at 3 World Trade Center, an 80-story, 2.5 million sq. ft. commercial office tower in lower Manhattan.  The Clarient Group is supporting TechMer’s efforts through documentation and coordination of the systems’ design.

     Photo/Image Credits: 

    1 WTC:  Port Authority of NY & NJ -Michael Mahesh – Steven Plate
    3 WTC:  Courtesy of Silverstein Property